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Reneke ¦ ♀

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Reneke ¦ ♀

Post by Reneke on Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:47 pm


Name Pronunciation

Ren, Coyote



Current Rank


Coat - Reneke has a range of different colours all over her pelt. Her nickname as a pup had been coyote because of her pelt resembling that of the smaller canine. Her eyes are a deep amber, her snout being burnt amber on top, her muzzle then becoming white up to her eyes where it becomes amber and then grey to her forehead, amber soon taking over until the base of her neck. The colours appear to merge then on along her back, a dark dorsal stripe down her back and tail, marking the tip of her tail black, the rest amber. Her underbelly is white, which spreads up to her chest and down the backs and insides of her legs, the outsides being mostly amber. 
Body Shape - Reneke is quite a lithe wolf, she isn't the biggest around, but she certainly uses this to her advantage. She has long, powerful legs that carry her over large distances, though her stamina lacks somewhat. Her ears are quite big, fortunately so as it allows her the strange gift of greater hearing.

Pelt Texture
Reneke's fur is quite plush to the touch, thanks to regular grooming and occasional swimming.

Pelt Colour
Burnt Amber, Grey and Black

Eye Colour
Deep Amber

A dorsal stripe from the base of her neck all the way down to the tip of her tail.

A bite mark distorts the pigments of fur on her neck, leaving patches of white. On her left flank, are claw scars. All are somewhat visible, but it takes a close look to spot them.


Being an Alpha, Reneke is quite compassionate and caring. She is sure that all of the pack are well and content as long as they are under her protection. She is extremely involved in the pack and regularly attends hunts as well as scouting missions to expand and preserve the territory. Despite being quite shy around possible suitors, her bite proves to be worse than her bark whenever she or her pack is threatened.

Intelligent - This Alpha is extremely aware of the world around her, and how to combat it. Within her birth pack, she learned crucial survival skills she would eventually pass down onto her own pups some day, as well as her pack.

Bonding - Finding it easy to maintain bonds within the back, Reneke finds it important to strike a fondness with everyone in her pack. Believing a close bonded pack would prove to be the most successful.

Hunting - After learning to hunt hares from a young age, Reneke blends in well enough with the dried out grass of the open plains, a mile or two away from the den site. There she regularly leads hunting patrols towards an elk herd.

Leading - Leading has always been a natural talent Reneke has had, being able to remain level headed in a tough situation comes easy enough to her.

Ambition - Despite ambition usually being a positive aspect to character, Reneke takes this to an entirely new level in a enclosed competition with herself. It often leads to her running herself to exhaustion, after refusing to give up chase to an elk.

Stamina - Although  her quick bursts of speed prove effective, Reneke finds it difficult to maintain her speed for longer amounts of time, usually running herself into the ground if she doesn't stop for a rest. 

Decisions - With leading becomes decisions, but Reneke, without a counterpart, cannot separate feelings from logic. She takes it upon herself to get the best for the pack, however, she cannot make up her mind if her heart says one thing, but her mind another.

Selflessness - Guilty of putting her pack before herself, Reneke often gives up moments of her own time, that could be used to catch up on well needed sleep, or even weighting out options for the back, on wolves who may just want to chat.

Loving to see her pack happy, is one of the joys in Reneke's life. The others remain to be, making her parents pround, hunting, swimming, as well as sparring.

Reneke does not like noise, plenty of noise is enough to drive this wolf crazy. Wolves who do not show respect are easy enough to insult her, but above all, she hates fish.


Reneke was born right atop of Amethyst Mountain, concealed in the trees. Her father's family had lead that pack for easily 10 generations, and were proud grey wolves. She was the runt pup out of a litter of 5, the only girl also. She would be the subject to play fighting and play hunting, usually the hunted rather than the hunter. Despite her small size and runt title, she remained victorious in surviving until sexual maturity.
At the age of 1-year, Reneke proved herself ready in beginning to learn basic survival tasks, how to hunt, fight, use her senses correctly, but to feel her surroundings around her. Whilst her father mentored her brothers, Reneke was taken on by the females of the back, learning how to interact with other wolves, whether ranking high, or low in the packs hierarchy.
It wasn't often that her pack territory was invaded by rival packs, but it did happen, and Reneke suffered many losses, such as her mother, as well as two brothers.

It was a terrible winters night, snow was falling heavily over the pack. Within each den, all wolves were huddled up together despite their thick winter coats. No matter what, they just weren't warm enough. Frequent howls in the distance could only mean one thing. Scallor, the Alpha male and Reneke's father was the first to wake, sheltering his mate from the cold yet also keeping them both warm. Xena was fresh with pups that would be born that spring, when the blizzard would pass. Giving a short growl of distaste, the Alpha male left his mate inside of the den and exited out onto the grass above, his golden eyes adjusting to the dark sky, and white snow. The crescent moon shining above them; yet not a single star in the sky. 'The ancestors are not with us tonight.' Scallor had murmured to himself, rallying each and every wolf from the den, all whilst keeping his mate safe within the den.

Soon aware of the danger that presented them, each wolves fur stood up, their hackles raised as Scallor began to inflict inspiration. Amongst the blur of wolves, Reneke stood shaking on her paws, she had never seen off a rival pack, and at 2-years-old, she didn't feel ready. The pack soon sped off into the forest, light pawsteps being hidden in the slow. They would ambush the invading pack and kill on sight, but they underestimated the power of their rivals. As the entire pack sped up, a team of two rival wolves had circled around, and towards the dens where the Alpha female continued her slumber.

Lying in wait, concealed in the snow, the pack of the north-east Amethyst Mountain soon found their moment to attack their oncoming rivals. The opposing pack knew of the others' plan, but not exactly where they were. It took Scallor to rise from his hiding spot before the entire pack rushed out of the snow like a blur of black, surrounding their rival and attacking.
A blood bath ensued, wolves falling to the ground lifeless whenever a crucial blow was landed. A few cowards turned tail and ran into the distance, yipping loudly with their tail tucked between their legs. Meanwhile, Reneke was still hiding within the snow, too afraid to fight. It was until a wolf sank its teeth into her shoulder that she began a frenzy of teeth and claws, fighting off her attacker whilst whining in pain. Witnessing her family suffer, she helped defend their territory, injuring and even killing a wolf.

Off to the side, both Alpha males went at each other, Scallor overpowering Frinhr, grabbing his throat with his teeth. "If you're all here.. How do you expect to protect your precious.. precious mate?" The rival spat, the realisation of something terrible soon rushed a mile a minute through his brain, his jaw clamping down on the Alpha's neck.
The yip of pain before silence caused the entire battlefield to silence, each and every wolf turning heads and pausing to see Scallor standing over Frinhr's corpse, a bloodied muzzle and blinding eye. "Leave!" He barked, the opposing pack scattering off into the field, now having no Alpha to lead them through battle. The victorious Alpha soon ran/limped his way home to the den, followed by the remainder of the pack. As the clearing began to empty of wolves, Reneke witnessed the bodies of her two littermates, Grook and Xaff. A low whine left her throat as she crept towards them, they didn't look injured, more so, sleeping.
"It's time to go now.." Reneke whined, nudging her brothers muzzle slightly without a response, her ears falling flat against her head. Her aunt, a she-wolf she considered as family soon approached her, limping slowly.
"They are watching over you, brave warrior. They are safe with your ancestors." She consoled her, nudging her forwards to begin walking her hope. Upon approaching, she wish she never had.

Scallor was in the centre of a circle of crowded wolves, Xena lay in the middle, blooded and ripped, innards spilling onto the snow and soaking it a deep scarlet. Pushing her way through the crowd, Reneke witnessed a terrifying sight. She had lost so much, even her father, who was breaking right in front of the entire pack. He would never find another mate, he could never bond with another. He was mourning the loss of his mate, as well as his pups.
A chill set in over the den, a sorrowful howl leaving the Alpha male, who for once turned his head away from the moon. The pack began to uproar in howls, that night mourning the loss of friends, family, as well as the beloved Alpha female and her pups.

After that night, a unspoken anger had awoken within her, causing her to be somewhat unpredictable. Reneke awaited until she reached sexual maturity before she left the back, living alone for 6 months before she began her own pack.
Eventually, the pack would be taken over by Reneke's eldest brother, Yanu.









Extra Information




Rain (Brother - Alive), Grook (Brother - Deceased), Xaff (Brother - Deceased), Yanu (Brother - Alive)

Scallor (Father - Alive), Xena (Mother - Deceased)


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